Intern - IT

Irving, TX

Intern – IT

Job Summary

The IT Summer Intern is an entry level position at BRG Sports where student will receive knowledge and training required to contribute as a valuable IT resource at BRG Sports. IT summer Intern will receive real-world work and add value to BRG IT team during their time at the BRG Sports. position located on-site Irving, Texas.


It Summer Intern will serve as a support and project person for SharePoint, Teams, General IT and other projects, problems, and questions. He /She will be required to support all related business projects and members of the IT team responsible for the implementation of all new business processes and project implementations. 

 The most important assignment for IT Summer Intern will be to review and restructure Teams Folder structure and may be required to work on assignments that are complex in nature where considerable judgment and initiative are required in resolving problems and making recommendations to improve BRG’s business processes.


  • Must have studied fundamentals of IT Business area
  • Collaborate and clearly communicate across the team members across departments and roles
  • Bring enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and a professional approach to all tasks and problem-solving
  • Be willing to learn and take direction and constructive criticism
  • Be highly organized and attentive to detail
  • Be able to multitask and manage projects as assigned within a given timeline
  • Tackle other assigned duties
  • Support the implementation of all new business functions and processes for BRG
  • Work with IT teams across all functions using a collaborative approach to build and support best practice solutions to support BRG
  • Understand business needs, project scope and requirements
  • Build, enhance, troubleshoot, scale, and maintain software solutions
  • Analyze and evaluate requirements for the systems solutions that improve business processes and increase productivity
  • Provide hands-on support on standard deliverables, which may include feature development, issue troubleshooting & resolution, documentation, and training preparation  
  • Proactively participate in the integration between related IT functions across teams

Ensure solution integration and integrity within the process areas to formalize participation, roles & responsibilities,

 and accountabilities   


  • Work on day-to-day IT support to business
  • Work on to restructuring SharePoint/Teams folder structure.
  • Participate in an intern team project and pitch presentation.
  • Good organizational and presentation skills with good attention to detail required
  • Strong communications and problem-solving skills
  • Advanced Knowledge in Microsoft Office Applications


  • A current full-time student who is in their junior or senior year
  • A Current full-time graduate student
  • A recent graduate