Laundry Attendant

East Stroudsburg, PA

Job Summary

The Laundry Attendant position washes, cleans and dries all incoming hard goods sporting equipment and apparel products from a wide variety of customers.  Operates and monitors the washing, dry cleaning and drying machines/equipment.

Essential Functions:

• Operates and monitors washing, dry cleaning, and drying machines/equipment including adding chemicals. 

• Identifies stained or damaged items and determines status for repair, spot treatment, rewash or discard. 

• Inspects cleanliness of articles removed from the washer, dryer or dry cleaning machines and places in clean linen carts. 

• Sets dryers to designated drying times and temperatures based on fabrics contained in load. 

• Removes lint and debris from dryer screens, dry cleaning filters, lint traps and drain traps after each load. 

• Folds cleaned articles into designated size, either by hand or by using a folding machine. 

• Maintains accurate records of items laundered. 

• Ensures uniform and personal appearance is clean and professional; 

• Maintains confidentiality of proprietary information and protects company assets. 

• Ensures adherence to quality expectations and standards.

• Identifies, recommends, develops and implements new ways to increase organizational efficiency, productivity, quality, safety, and/or cost-savings. 

• Operates and uses all machines/equipment following standard work instructions and operating procedures.

• Observes all safety rules and regulations.

• Exercises care and good judgment at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.

• Adheres to all company policies, procedures, rules and Code of Conduct.

• Practices good housekeeping by keeping work area, neighboring areas and aisles clean and accessible.

• Follows all company safety and security policies and procedures.

• Reports accidents, injuries and unsafe working conditions to manager. 

• Completes all safety training and required certification.

• Performs other duties and tasks as assigned.

Education and Training:

• High School Degree or GED required.

Skills and Abilities:

• Manual dexterity required for operating equipment/machinery.

• Ability to lift 30 pounds

• Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence and memos. 

• Ability to write simple correspondence. 

• Ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one and small group situations within the organization. 

• Ability to stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift.

• Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with others.

• Supports team to reach common goals.

• Ability to listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees.

• Ability to rely on judgment for personal safety regarding work.

• Attention to detail.