Sewing Repair

East Stroudsburg, PA

Job Summary

The Sewing Repair position performs stitching, mending and tailoring operations in support of the reconditioning of stock apparel for soft and hard goods.  Joins, replaces, reinforces or alters parts of apparel by either hand stitching, by using a sewing machine or by using other appropriate equipment and accessories. 

Essential Functions:

• Reads work order/repair tag or alteration specifications to determine type and location of sewing required and to identify work materials needed.

• Adjusts/sets automatic and manual equipment as necessary.

• Alters clothing or repairs defective apparel following instructions.

• Trims excess threads/material using appropriate scissors, clippers or hand tools.

• Properly collects, stores or disposes of used materials.

• Maintains sewing machine operation by making minor adjustments, changing needles and securing attachments.  

• Operates and uses any machines, equipment or accessories following standard work instructions, preventive maintenance requirements and operating procedures.

• Observes all safety rules and regulations.

• Exercises care and good judgment at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.

• Adheres to all company policies, procedures, rules and EBS Code of Conduct.

• Practices good housekeeping by keeping work area, neighboring areas and aisles clean and accessible.

• Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines and procedures to perform the functions of the job.

• Performs other duties and tasks as assigned.

Education and Training:

• High School Degree or GED required.

• Three to five (3-5) years of related experience required.

• Working knowledge of machines and equipment used in the process is desirable.

• Working knowledge of various stitches that may be required to repair or alter apparel.

• Proficient at understanding and following quality control guidelines and any other production/operations specifications and instructions.

Skills and Abilities:

• Manual dexterity required for performing stitching operations and for using accessories, equipment, machinery and tools.

• Ability to monitor all phases of the sewing process and use the necessary tools/equipment/accessories.

• Ability to rely on judgment for personal safety regarding work.

• Ability to lift 30 pounds.

• Ability to comprehend customer’s requirements. 

• Ability to write simple correspondence. 

• Ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one and small group situations within the plant. 

• Ability to stand or sit for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift. 

• Ability to perform simple mathematical calculations.

• Ability to effectively relate with others and cooperate as a team member.

• Ability to perform essential functions and responsibilities of the job with limited supervision.

• Must be flexible.

• Careful attention to detail.